Mugmeister's Mug Museum

Steins on the Upper Floor

Beer Measurers .5, .25, and .125L

Bremerhaven Two .5L steins from the City I was born in. Both lidded with a gloss finish

Character Stein .5L "A man and his beer" gloss

Cut Glass Stein .5L Pewter lid, made by: Rastal

Dein Wohlstein " To your Well Being " .5L Pewter lid

Ceramic inlaid stein .5L lidded glass stein. View lid

Footed Glass Stein .5L Lidded

Glass Boot Stein .5L Pewter lid with bristle feather

Lords Prayer Stein Two 1L pewter lidded with Lords Prayer in German ~ both gloss

Lords Prayer Stein 1L with Lords Prayer in German with a pewter lid ~ salt glazed

Mettlach Beaker #1023 .25L PUG (Print Under Glaze)

Mettlach Beaker #1024 .25L PUG

Mettlach Beaker #1139 .25L PUG

Mettlach Beaker #1190 .25L PUG

My first Stein a 1 liter gloss that was given to me while I was still in diapers.

Plain stein earthenware .5L lidded gloss

Puzzle Mug 1L Gloss Finish. Click here for instructions

Wolh Bekomm's " May it do you good! " .5L gloss

Zum Andenken "To the Memories" .25L lidded glass stein with in lay. View lid

zum Wohl "To your Well Being" 1L salt glazed



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March 2005