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Evolved in Flanders over 300 years ago.


The Vogelpik is constructed by hand with a wood shaft, real feather flights and a steel tip. These Piks are sharp, surgically sharp. 6 inches long and weigh in at 4.5 grams each.

The Belgian dartboard comes in two sizes, 7" and 9" diameters. Both are crafted from seasoned Basswood, painted, gift boxed complete with mounting hardware and instructions.

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Each set consist of four Piks. Each Pik has three feathered flights with two styles to choose from. The Traditional straight cut or the rounded Shieldback. Colored flights are the product of the white domestic turkey feathers that has been dyed. The shaft is finished in three ways, natural birch, cherry and walnut.

Natural Barred flight on cherry

Multiple colors on birch wood

Shieldback flights on walnut

Traditional flights on cherry

Multiple colored flights on cherry

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