Eiche Brauerei zur Kiel

This is the majority of my Eiche Brauerei collection. First off, Eiche is German for oak. Eiche Brauerei translates to Oak Brewery. Founded 1877 in Kiel Germany. You will find Kiel in the Holsten/Schleswig region of Northern Germany off the North Sea. Known for it's great natural harbor, topless beaches and the ship building industry. Did I mention the topless beaches? Aside from living in Kiel while still in diapers, my Grandfather was employed at the Eiche Brewery under several capacities. This is why I claim it all to be in my blood. You know, the topless beaches. All kidding aside, this history is in my blood. Sadly, you will no longer find the Eiche Brewery for it had closed in 1980, but hey! The topless beaches still thrive today!!


Bottle Openers / Flaschenöffner

Coasters / Beer Mats / Bierdeckel

Glass / Glas

Bottles / Flasche

HO Scale Beer Trucks




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January 3 2008