Mounting Your Dart Board

By: Mugmeister
As any job at hand, you want to mount your Dart Board right the first time. Things to concider are lighting and clearance. If at all posible, three lamps aimed at your board will reduce or even eliminate unwanted shadows. One in the center and two 45derees out. Tough to play under a ceiling under 7ft. Although we like to work our home field advantages. If you don't have a carpeted floor, you may pick up a thick throw rug. Still, before you pick up a hammer, read the manufactures instructions fully. You may incounter slight discrepencies as to hieght or distance. This would be the time to check with your local Pik or Dart Leaguef or an agreed regulation. With that in mind, let's get out the tools!

Choose the Playing Field Your installing:

The Vogelpik

British Darts




last up-date: October 13 2001