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I will list a few of my favorite proverbs found on Mugs and Steins. You can pull words or ideas from them. The German alphabet with pronunciation samples are also listed.

Please feel free to submit your favorite sayings or to correct any of my silly mistakes!


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From my Great Grandfathers Stein:

Heraus mit Dem Wort wenn es wahr ist;

Hinunter mit Dem Trank wenn er Klar ist!


Out with the word if it's the truth;

Down with the drink if it's clear!

Zum Wohlsein! which means May it do you good!
Bier u. frohes Lied - macht nie lebens müd.

Beer and cheerful song - will never make your life weary.
Heiter Gesellschaft -translated- Cheerful company

Gute Freundschaft! -means- To good friendship!

Denke nicht an Morgen -reads- Don't think of tomorrow

Den lieben Kinder zum wohl sein -tells us- to the well being of our children

The German Alphabet and pronunciation


a (long) as in father
(short) when followed by two consonants, as in cart
ä (umlaut) as in any
ai as in aisle
au (diphthong) as in mouse
äu (diphthong) as in moist
b as in bread after a consonant, at the end of a syllable or word as in lip
c (used only in foreign words) as in huts
ch as in the Scottish loch
ck as in neck
d as in drive after a consonant, at the end of a syllable or word as in bent
e (long) as in bay
(short) as in belt
ei (diphthong) as in my
eu (diphthong) sounds like äu
f as in fun
g as in good after a consonant, at the end of a syllable or word as in dark
h as in hold
i (long) as in machine
(short) as in fit
j as in yes
k as in kilo
l as in land
m as in milk
n as in night
o (long) as in tone
(short) as in often
ö (umlaut) as in fur
p as in past
q as in quick (q is always followed by u)
r rolled as in Scots
s as in zero
sch as in shoe
st as in wish to
ß (sharp s) as in gas
t as in tell
u (long) as in moon
(short) as in foot
ü (umlaut) as in music (use only second sound of vowel: meeusic)
v as in fast
w as in very
x as in box
y sounds like ü at the end of a word it sounds like i
as in any
z as in nuts

Cardinal numbers:

Numbers from one to nine are called Einer.

Numbers such as zehn (ten), zwanzig (twenty), dreißig (thirty) are called Zehner.

0 null - zero
1 eins - one
2 zwei - two
3 drei - three
4 vier - four
5 fünf - five
6 sechs - six
7 sieben - seven
8 acht - eight
9 neun - nine
10 zehn - ten
11 elf - eleven
12 zwölf - twelve
13 dreizehn - thirteen
14 vierzehn - fourteen
15 fünfzehn - fifteen
16 sechzehn - sixteen
17 siebzehn - seventeen
18 achtzehn - eighteen
19 neunzehn - nineteen
20 zwanzig - twenty

Numbers from 21 to 99 are formed by an Einer and a Zehner joined by und:
einundzwanzig (one and twenty), zweiunddreißig (two and thirty).

From 100 on, und is not used between numbers:

Hundertachtzehn (one hundred eighteen), viertausendsiebenhundertvierundvierzig (four thousand seven hundred four and forty)

Ordinal numbers:

Words such as erste (first) and zweite (second), refer to a position in a series. They are formed by adding -te to the corresponding cardinal numbers.

Notice the three irregular forms, erste, dritte, and siebte.

1. erste - first
2. zweite - second
3. dritte - third
4. vierte - fourth
5. fünfte - fifth
6. sechste - sixth
7. siebte - seventh
8. achte - eighth
9. neunte - ninth
10. zehnte - tenth


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